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Train Tracks and Travelogues Vol.2, Part…er..1

As you will know if you’ve been following this blog- or even stumbled across it during an extended period of office-based web browsing, self-righteously justified by the not unreasonable assumption that there’s probably not a single office worker in the country who’s actually doing anything that could even reasonably be construed as work this week- my new album “Train Tracks and Travelogues Vol.2” has been posted online prior to its release in the New Year. So, assuming you have already adopted the slightly furtive and awkward desk-bound posture required to illicitly surf the internet whilst simultaneously creating the impression that you are engaged in the kind of meaningful activity for which you are actually paid, why not take the deceit one stage further, pop one of your earphones into the ear that doesn’t face everyone else in the office, and give yourself a moment or two to listen to the tracks below. 

The tracks that make up “Train Tracks and Travelogues Vol.2” have been completed over the last eighteen months, and represent nine different journeys and destinations of an imagined journey through the outlying countries of the Mediterranean. All the tracks are based on places that I’ve visited over the last 15 years- with the exception of “Isis in Tunis”, whose origins I will explain later in another post- and have been extrapolated into one long, continuous journey, beginning where “Train Tracks and Travelogues Vol.1” left off in Venice, and continuing by rail and sea to North Africa, Portugal Spain and France.

In the build-up to its release, I will be posting more details behind the choice and significance of the different destinations referenced on the album, but in the meantime if you have any personal connection or experiences with the places mentioned you can post a photo reply onto this site- the best ones will be considered for the album artwork which is currently being designed by Joe Mateo.

The album will be released as a download and CD in January 2012- enjoy previewing it by the links below, and if you have any feedback please leave your comments on the Soundcloud site 

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