Artist- Composer- Musical Director

Dai Watts

Dai Watts is a composer, found-sound artist and Musical Director living in London.

He has created a range of instrumental works based around recordings of people and places that have been featured on the BBC, including The Ballad of Berwick Street Market, Fiesta!, Liminalondon and his new album Isolarion.

He has composed music for shows on the BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5, Netflix and Amazon, and his works have appeared on TV, film and advertising worldwide.

As a Musical Director and pianist he has performed on stages from Edinburgh Castle to CafĂ© de Paris to Glastonbury, and conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at London’s iconic Angel Studios.

Isolarion is a type of 15th Century map that describes areas in great detail, but not necessarily how they are related.

The work is comprised of captured conversations, sounds of the city and noises from the natural world, recorded in Rio de Janeiro, London, Dammam, Hvar, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Galicia, Somerset, Arcachon and Normandy.

The field recordings from across the globe form the basis for eleven disparate tracks that combine synths, voices and strings with pianos, guitars and drums, woven together to form one continuous soundtrack. 

The album is available on Spotify and Bandcamp.