Dai Watts

Dai Watts is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in North London, whose music has appeared on TV, film and advertising worldwide, and featured on Radio 3’s Late Junction.

Piano-electronica arrangement of the Allemande from Bach’s French Suite No.4 for Music for Sport’s 25th Anniversary release.

Dai recently appeared on BBC Radio London to talk to about  “The Ballad of Berwick Street Market”, which features the voices of the people who work on Soho’s 300 yr-old market, describing the work they do, what Berwick Street means to them and the threat to their livelihoods from the proposed privatisation of the market. Their words have been interwoven with other field recordings made in and around Soho, and form the basis for The Ballad of Berwick Street Market.

Since the recording of The Ballad of Berwick Street Market the stallholders have successfully campaigned to overturn Westminster’s privatisation plans and have secured the future of London’s oldest surviving street market. With thanks to: Sam, Leisha, Mark, Robin, Anna, Janosz, Louise and Rusen.

The Ballad of Berwick Street Market by Dai Watts


Dai has also just finished producing the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain’s album ‘The Originals- The Double Album‘, a 26-song epic of all new material which was released in November 2016.

He also recently composed and performed the score for ‘The Last Title’, a new film by Bart Holscher which was premiered at The Netherlands Film Festival and has been shown throughout Europe.