Production Music

Dai has written extensively for a variety of Production Music Libraries, including EMI, Cavendish, Felt Music, PMOL and Music for Sport. He has been commissioned for several solo albums, including a recent piano and string quartet album for Soho Production Music and a minimalist piano-electronica album for Twisted Jukebox. He has also written and produced tracks for over twenty other albums, ranging from EDM, Electronica and Contemporary Classical to Hybrid Orchestral, Indie Rock and Punk.

Future Piano Lab– Atmospheric minimalist piano electronica with modern beats & glitchy sounds that explore a broad range of emotions from hopeful & positive to fragile & brooding. Published by Twisted Jukebox.

Airspeeder– is for speed, danger, thrills, action, & adventure. Published by Music for Sport.

Roar– Stomps, claps and high energy vocal leads. Big sounds with a rocky instrumentation. Published by Felt Music.

Peaceful Days– Uplifting piano and strings for positive, thought-provoking moods, beautiful environments, lifestyle and happiness. Published by Soho Production Music.

Hybrid Acoustic and Electronic Tension– Inventively combined acoustic and electronic elements in two tracks that have recently featured in mainstream shows from Hollyoaks to Killer at The Crime Scene. Published by EMI/KPM.

Hurry Home for Christmas– Classic Rock style Christmas Album, with both tracks featuring recently in the 2021 film Boxing Day. Published by Felt Music.

Sparse Piano– Subtle, emotive piano tracks with lots of space, plenty of pauses, and less melody. Published by Cavendish Music.

Epic Sports 2– epic sports action and high adventure themes. Published by Music for Sport.

Sailing 3– a hugely evocative sailing and water sports album. Published by Music for Sport.

Winter Sports 3– an album of music for all sports cold, snowy, as featured in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Published by Music for Sport.

The Beauty of Life– Warm and uplifting pieces for piano and live string trio, all performed by virtuoso players- as featured extensively on BBC News. Published by Twisted Jukebox.

8 Bit Hero– A retro collection of chiptune and 8-bit anthems, as featured widely across UK Networks BBC1 and Channel 4. Published by Felt Music.

True Crime- full of danger, tension, suspense, forensics and building, cold, dark cinematic atmospheres. Published by Soho Production Music.

Upbeat World– African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices, as featured on BBC1 and CBBC. Published by PMOL.

High Impact- an album of powerful and energetic tracks in a variety of modern genres designed for sports, action and adventure usage. Published by Music For Sport.

Sports Bloopers– an album designed for outtakes, epic fails, comic disasters, cartoons, and general silliness. Published by Music for Sport.

Dance Trax 6– Big beats and grooves, punchy low end, and catchy hooks and themes. Published by Music for Sport.

No Part Of Society– A collection of classic, unpolished, British punk tracks perfectly suited to soundtrack the rise of anarchism. Published by Felt Music.

Mallets– an exquisite contemporary soundtrack album that features marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, and vibraphones- featured extensively on German and Japanese TV. Published by Music For Sport.