Production Music

Dai has written extensively for a variety of Production Music Libraries, including EMI, Cavendish, Felt Music, Twisted Jukebox, Plan 8, PMOL and Music for Sport. He has been commissioned for several solo albums, and is currently writing ones for both Twisted Jukebox and Soho Production Music. He has also written and produced tracks for over twenty other albums, ranging from EDM, Electronica and Contemporary Classical to Indie, Rock and Punk.

Hybrid Acoustic and Electronic Tension– Inventively combined acoustic and electronic elements explore states of tension, from light to overt. Published by EMI/KPM.

Sparse Piano-Subtle, emotive piano tracks with lots of space, plenty of pauses, and less melody. Published by Cavendish Music.

The Beauty of Life– Warm and uplifting pieces for piano and live string trio, all performed by virtuoso players. Published by Twisted Jukebox.

Upbeat World– African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices. Published by PMOL.

Hurry Home for Christmas– A Classic Rock style Christmas Album. Published by Felt Music.

Mallets– an exquisite contemporary soundtrack album that features marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, and vibraphones. Published by Music For Sport.