Liminalondon Artwork Competition

“Liminalondon” is the fourth electro-acoustic instrumental album by Archway-based writer/producer and multi-instrumentalist Dai Watts, and is set for release in the May/June of this year.
As part of the design process for the finished CD, a competition is being held to create the final Artwork for the album. The competition is open to any students of CSM, with the winner being selected by Dai Watts. The winner will create the final artwork for the CD cover and the CD itself; this may be the actual winning entry, or it may be that some additional work will be required. The finished design will also require some graphic design work- the necessary templates for the artwork are available via the relevant link below. The winner will receive a fee of £150 and a credit on the CD. The deadline for entries to the competition is April 17th.

The Brief

A preliminary design for the front cover has already been sketched , which is available along with all the other necessary resources via the following links:

Artwork Templates

CD Wallet Design and Images

Four Page Booklet Photos

Please note these links are valid only until 31st March.
The overall design is for a four-panel ‘Digifile’, meaning there will be a front and back cover, and two inner- left and right- panels. The front cover design should effectively be a realisation of this original drawing; ideally it should incorporate the tone and style of the “Liminalondon” photo in the ‘CD Wallet and Design Images’ downloads i.e. the trees and branches in silhouette, with the buildings and sky having a gradual shading from dark to light. However, it may also work with the buildings also being in silhouette, or even with the whole picture done as a line drawing; similarly, the rising sun from the photo could be used in the artwork, although it’s not in the drawing. For the lettering of Liminalondon, it would be good if this could reflect the design on Archway Bridge itself- please refer to the close-up pictures of the sides of the bridge- and feel ‘layered’ on to the surface. As far as colour goes for the Bridge, this simply needs to fit in with the style of the “Liminalondon” photo i.e. silhouettes and morning sky, and does not need to be the original colour of Archway Bridge. Dai Watts’ name will also need to go across the top of this picture, preferably in a similar style to the ‘Liminalondon’ lettering- please note, his name hasn’t been put in on the original drawing.
The back cover of the CD wallet should follow the same aesthetic as the front- please see the sketch in ‘CD Wallet and Design Images’- and will include the track titles, which are:

The Hill
The Bridge
The Ponds
The View
Psychogeographer’s Blues
Return of the Unreliable Narrator
The Whispering Portrait Gallery
The River
Supervised Desuetude
The Homeward Way

and the website address at the bottom

The artwork for the actual CD should be a ‘reduction’ of the cover that fits comfortably onto the circular template, so obviously some kind of tweaking will need to take place; it would be good also if the words ‘Dai Watts’ could incorporate the city skyline silhouettes.

The two inside panels will consist of two ‘mirrored’ photos of Archway Tower- please refer to the images in the relevant download link.

The four page booklet which accompanies the CD and will be inserted in the wallet will be comprised of a montage of all the photos downloaded from the relevant link. I am open to how you approach this, but preference in terms of size can be given to the photo of the grand piano, the bass player- with his back to us- and the studio photos. It might be nice to try having the front and back covers of the booklet being the photos of the daffodils and the one of the cherry blossom.

Some text- acknowledgements and credits etc – will need to be added to the final artwork, which will be discussed when the winner has been announced.

All the tracks can all be listened to at or the home page of this website.

Entrants can enter as many pieces of artwork as they like, and these should be emailed to Dai Watts by the 17th April at

Many thanks for taking the time to enter the competition and best of luck to all those taking part!

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